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The Story Behind PUFF UV Powder

In 2012 I moved my family from America back to Australia, including my beloved Arabian gelding, Amurath Santiago.  He was born and raised in Arizona and lived a couple of years in California being a top show horse and living in a barn.  Santiago had never seen green grass or experienced being out in a paddock previous to us moving back, so we never knew how strong the sun would be on his pink nose until we lived in Australia. 


I tried a vast number of different products to protect his nose and nothing would last. He would fight us when applying them and getting his fly mask off and destroying it became a daily sport. Frustrated with the low-quality products, I used my 25 years of experience in the make up/cosmetic industry to come up with something that worked and lasted. After a lot of research, trial and error, and overseas testing, PUFF was born.

PUFF only contains all-natural, cosmetic-grade ingredients. No synthetic chemicals, no smell. I wanted to make sure if it was licked it wouldn’t hurt the animal.  Its especially perfect for dogs, cats, pigs, cows, goats - any animal with pink skin that needs protecting. 

Having helped many animals from being sunburnt, I'm proud how far we have come in the last 8 years, having helped protect animals all over the world with PUFF Powder. 


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