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Only available through PUFF 


Watch how easy PUFF is to apply with no fuss or fights. 


Applied as a paste for

fuller thicker coverage.



Did you know you can use PUFF wet or dry? 


For a thicker coverage just add some water to make a paste and apply with one of our Kabuki brushes or with the sponge provided. You can also dampen the sponge to apply that way as well.


PUFF is an all natural lightweight UV powder that shields the skin and helps protect your horse/pet against damaging UVA and UVB rays that cause sunburn and skin irritation. PUFF is a unique formula with non-irritating 100% natural cosmetic grade minerals that help create a water resistant barrier on your pet/horse. 

Size 150g - $45.00  

Go to our shop and order yours today! 

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